TDM How to change default collation for text columns (SQL 2012)

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this question is related to TDM model update and settings/default values problem (SQL 2012).

I would like to set a default collation (which differs from the SQL Server's default collation) for all text columns. So I have opened Settings/Default Values and set Entities/Attributes/Collation to SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CS_AS. But after running Model Update (I took the example from my thread mentioned above) all columns get a default collation - independent of the data type (see attached image #1).

Again I would not care if SQL generation knew that there's no collation for non-text data types. But unfortunately this is not the case (see attached image #2).

How do I have to set up a default collation for text columns which does not apply to non-text columns?

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Hi Gerald,

our devs created package with two macros for you:!default.jspa?categoryID=34&externalID=5113

Import the package and restart Toad Data Modeler. Two new items will appear in Macros | Default values menu. Currently this is a workaround for the problem with default values. We will work on general fix and bring improvements in future versions of TDM.

Re model update: instead of model update, do standard reverse enginering and on the newly crated model run the macros. Then compare the two models and do model merge.

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Vaclav & Daril

Hi Vaclav,

thank you for creating the Repair Macro, we have just tried it and it has made all the corrections we need.

I’ll mark my question (and the one in my other thread) as answered although this will fixed in a future version only.



This issue appears to still exist in the latest version of Toad Data Modeler, and the aforementioned macros are no longer accessible. Is that the case? If so, is there another way to work around this issue?