TDM Commercial next version


You mention in other posts that TDM 3.1.5 will be available fairly soon.
Is this the next commercial release?
Can you give us some idea of the changes from

Kind regards

Hello Malcolm,

Yes, sure, I can.

Yes, TDM3 v. 3.1.5 will be the next official release.
It should be released at the beginning of March.

Changes from v. 3.0.13 - Actually, you can compare v. 3.0.13 and the latest Beta 3.1.4.
Let me mention some of the new features:

  • support for DB2 v. 9 (LUW), DB2 UDB 8
  • support on Vista and Windows XP 64 bit
  • direct import of TDM 2 .DM2 files
  • Toad for Oracle integration (opening Toad for Oracle projects, importing ERDs etc.)
  • OTPs
  • Alter Reports
  • many GUI changes

Let me inform you that more than ninety! resolved CRs have been implemented to v. 3.1.5 (CRs resolved since v. 3.0.13).

If you have any questions, please write me back.



Are we getting a free upgrade? I purchased only a couple weeks ago.


I believe the upgrades are free if they are are with-in the same major versions. For example. 3.0 users can upgrade to 3.1 for free. However, 3.x users must pay to upgrade to 4.x version.

Please correct me if I am wrong.

Hello all,

Please contact the Quest sales team at:
It may depend on what maintenance you have etc. The sales team will provide you with the details.

Thanks very much.



Hi Vladka,

Dare I ask…
…is there a date we can expect TDM 3v3.1.5 Commercial ?

Also what are the plans after that?


Hello Malcolm,

TDM 3 v. 3.1.5 Commercial should be released on 10 March. :slight_smile: