TDM Jscript.dll access violation

My TDM gave me this error when opening an existing file or creating a new model:

 Access violation at address 7287BC73 in module 'JScript.dll'. Read of address 00000000

It seems like any TDM operation results in the above error.

I’m running Windows 7 64-bit. My TDM used to work just a week ago. Any help would be appreciated. I’m dead in the water now.



if you installed IE9 then try to uninstall it or run TDM on machine where IE9 is not installed. Our tests of IE9 and changes are in progress…



I uninstalled IE9 and the problem went away. Thank you very much!

Any progress getting Toad Data Modeler to work with IE9?
I’m dead in the water because uninstalling IE9 does not allow me to reinstall IE8 on Windows 7.
Thanks, Bob

Hi Bob,

yes, we found problematic interface that doesn’t seem to work in IE9. We joined Microsoft “IE9 Public Feedback Program” and reported it as IE9 bug.

You can join the program too (you will have to use your LiveID, fill survey and then you will be able to click “I can too” link in “User can reproduce this bug” box. :slight_smile:

Link to the bug report:

I do not understand why IE8 cannot be reinstalled after you uninstall IE9 BETA. There is really no way to get rid of BETA version and revert back to officially supported version of IE? (Except of full OS reinstallation).



Hi Vaclav,

Has this issue been resolved yet? IE9 has just gone final, but we will not be able to upgrade if TDM does not work with it.


Hi Yacoob,

we believe IE9 no longer contains the bug, but our tests are currently in progress. You can give it a try.

I will post a message to the forum after finishing all planned tests.



Hi Vaclav,

Is there any update on the testing with IE9?


Hi Yacoob,

intense testing is still in progress and no issues have arisen so far- so everything is ok.


It is 2013 and this still seems to be an issue – accidentally upgraded to IE10 and TDM stopped working. Had to back that out. We use version

– Rangarajan


this is interesting. I installed IE 10 some time ago and TDM seems to be working great. There might be some other problem. I think upgrading IE 10 should not cause such problems to standalone applications. Can you send me more information, please? When TDM stopped working what message did you see?



My computer did an automatic upgrade to IE10 last night and today Toad is complaining of the same issue.

Any chance someone can take a look?

I installed TDM for the first time on my Win7 64bit machine with IE10. When I start up I’m getting this error too.

Access violation at address 538089DA in module ‘jscript.dll’. Write of address 91E82447
What does IE have to do with TDM anyway?

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After windows update installed IE10 I am getting the same error:

Access violation at address 53A62AEC in module ‘JScript.dll’. Read of address 00000000

Windows 7

Toad data modeller 4.2

Where should we file the bug report with microsoft? This is ridiculous, they shouldn’t be putting breaking changes in a dll update.

Hi fellows, did you resolved this issue? I have windows 8 and IE 10. and still getting the error

please, your kindly help

Please, what version of Toad Data Modeler do you have?