TDM4.1.5 installation issue

I just downloaded new version ( and got error during installation.
I’ve tried installed v4.1 into d:_programs\Toad41. Unfortunately it ended up with following 2 error requesters appears in the same time:

Runtime Error 204 at 01D72A88

Fatal Error:
Installation ended prematurely because of an error.

Please note, that there is enough free space on D: partition.

After few tries, restarting OS, creating destination directory manualy etc and got no success, I tried to install it on default path (C:
Program files(x86). It went fine.

For testing purposes I deinstalled it and have tried to install again on D: Without success.

Why TDM4.1 cannot be installed in o\another place than Program Files? What do error messages mean?

Note, that I have have installed TDM4.0 in d:_programs\Toad4\ without problems

Hi Michal,

thank you, it’s a bug and it is registered as CR 90858.


I do have a similar error while installing version 3.6

“Installation ended prematurely because of an error.”

Is there something I can do?

Hi Behring,

The issue seems to be in the underscore character “_” set in the desired installation path. We’re working to address this. So far when no underscore has been used, installations have ran all right .

Thank you, regards,