TDP 3.2 and IBM iSeries ODBC Connection Issues

I’m running TDP Base Edition. I have been encountering an issue when I connect to an IBM iSeries database for a long time and is now starting to happen with more frequency, almost every time I connect.

The connection to the database is done using IBM’s iSeries Access ODBC driver version, CWBODBC.DLL from 11/05/2011.

The issue I am running into is, that once I am connected to the database, pressing Fkeys to run my query from the editor does nothing. I then will select, the UI button, Execute SQL or Execute from Cursor. The button will remain pressed even though I released the mouse down action and TDP proceeds to get caught cycling somewhere. The cursor goes to wait/busy mode and the only way I can resolve the issue to allow me to do anything in TDP is to force quit.

I can sometimes, execute my query once, then if I change something in the SQl statment and try to execute again, it will then go back to this “frozen” state.

Any suggestions on what the root cause is for this and how I might go about resolving? This issue only happens when I am connected to the iSeriece database. Never with Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server or IBM DB2.

Thank you,

Tim C.

To Mr. Tim C:

I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with TDP Base Edition. We encourage you to try the Beta and see if the issue has been resolved there. The beta build as of this writing is

Simply click on the appropriate green “Download” button on the page.

-Joshua Liong


Thank you for taking the time to review and reply to my thread.

I would love to be able to use a newer version and validate if this issue is resolved in a future release. I do not have that luxury at this time. The newer versions of TDP have not been audited and approved by my employer for use internally at this time. The next version on point to audit for internal use is 4.0, if/when TDP hits that release.