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TDP 3.6 - Export TDP Configuration

I’ve tried searching because I’m pretty sure that I’ve asked this question before, but the search bar is pretty useless.

Anyway: How do I go about exporting my current configuration for TDP 3.6 from my machine to another? Different user. I’m only talking about things like how my tool bars are laid out, etc. I’m pretty sure that Settings.xml is one of the files I need, but I think there’s another one that applies to the UI as well.

Suggestion: Toad for Oracle has had an option that allows you to not only export your current user settings (including layouts) into a single ZIP file, but also import those on another machine or user - could something like this be added for TDP in the future? And in the Basic version? :slight_smile: The setting in Toad for Oracle also allows you to completely reset all settings and layouts to their default - useful for when you get rid of something but can’t remember how to get it back.

The easiest way to do it would be to copy the entire Application Data Directory.

You could find it if you open Help|About dialog and press Application Data Directory link.

If you like to prevent your connections them do not copy the Connections.xml file.