Transferring all Settings to another installation

I have a new person joining my team and I need to duplicate my toad installation on another computer.

Is there any systematic method for transferring all TDM settings from one computer to another, such that the same model document opens exactly the same way on both computers?

I can’t believe that there isn’t an easier way to do this than what it seems that I am having to do.


in case you have the content of the "Standard Installation" folder placed in the shared or general folder (e.g. "C:\TDM" folder on the both computers) you can easily export and import the settings (including path) from one installation of TDM to another. But you have to copy the content of the "Standard installation" folder between computers manually. In this case is also possible to copy the content of configuration folder from one computer to another.

If your "Standard Installation" is placed in the default location (e.g. "c:\Users\USER1\Documents\Toad Data Modeler\Standard Installation" you can also import the settings but you have to manually set all paths on the second computer to your current "standard installation" folder (e.g. "c:\Users\USER2\Documents\Toad Data Modeler\Standard Installation") due to absolute paths as you can see on the picture bellow. The content of the folders with models and any other user data you have to copy manually too.