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TDP 3.6 - Window size changes on relaunch

When I use TDP in non-maximized size, the overall window size gets larger each time I launch TDP. I am using dual monitors but I'm not sure if that is related. Here is a screenshot of my starting size:

5287.Window Size Starting.jpg

This is a screenshot after closing and relaunching Toad roughly 9 times:

8814.Window Size After closing 9 times.png

Is there a way to get Toad to remember the window size?

I am using TDP version

I cannot reproduce the issue. For me TDP starts and resize all forms as expected.

There is now special setting that turn ON/OFF this feature. It’s always ON

But you could try the following

  1. Go to Help|About and press Application Data Directory.

  2. Copy entire directory.

  3. Go to Tools|Options and select Environment|Interface and press Reset Window Location

  4. Go to Tools|Options and select Environment|Destops and press Reset to Default

Check out now if TDP restores the layout correctly.

If it does not help please go to the Application Data Directory and delete the Layouts folder.

Please let me know if it helps.



Those steps did not help, I reset window location and reset desktops to default, and deleting Layouts didn’t help either. The window still grows on each relaunch.

You seem to be using several customizations to your layout. Can you go to your Help about and access the App Data Dir. Close down TDP and then rename the app data dir.

When you start, don’t copy over any older files from other TDP and make sure to set configuration to TDP 3.0 style. I want to go back to all of the default settings which include more than reset window location and desktops. It changes the icon sizes, etc.

Does this set of configurations keep getting larger each time you open? If not then we need to see which of your changes is causing the issue.

If you still have the issue after going back to defaults we then need to look at something in your hardware that might be causing the issue. (Video card, etc)

I renamed the app data dir and Toad recreated it with defaults. In the configuration wizard I made sure it was set for TDP 3.0 and I clicked Finish in that screen just to be sure. Unfortunately the window still gets larger each time I open it.

OK, I figured out what is causing this to happen. In my PC’s configuration for Screen Resolution, there is a choice for “Make text and other items larger or smaller”:

Screen larger or smaller.png

That configuration screen was set to “Medium - 125%”:

Screen medium.png

When I changed this back to “Smaller - 100% (default)”, the TDP window no longer increased in size on relaunch. So this is the setting that caused the problem with Toad. The “Medium” choice (or the “Larger” choice) causes the Toad window to get larger each time.

I really want to keep the “Medium” choice because it improves the readability of everything on my screen. For now I will just live with the window size growing with each relaunch, and perhaps this issue could be treated as a bug or an enhancement so that the TDP window size can stay the same no matter which setting a user chooses?

It looks like a bug for me. I create a taskQAT-4636 to track the issue.