Toad maximizing to a portion of screen size

Weird Issue is now happening.. When I open up Toad (Freeware). It Opens in a windows maximized view.. In essence it should be opened up filling the Complete Screen.

But For some reason It leaves the top 2 inches alone (I can see other apps). And If I Right click the top Bar it says Minimize or Restore. So it thinks it is in maximized View (cant Move it ).

The only way I can truly set it to maximize.. is I have to View Full screen and the go back to normal maximize and then it is okay....

Anyone have this issue before .. It is weird and anoying


I am not able to recreate your issue.
I am wondering if you have something in your environment that is different than mine which is causing this. Perhaps some additional information will assist:
Do you have multiple monitors in play?
If so, when you disable one monitor, does Toad behave any different (in regards to maximizing)?
What OS are you running?
What is your display resolution? Have you changed that recently?

If you have Toad un-maximized and double click the top title bar, do you see still see two inches of desktop space? If so in that mode, can you stretch Toad to make it bigger?

YEs I have dual screens but I have only seen it lately…
I am running XP
and it workined one week and the next went weird.

I did change some options dealing with readonly and db commit …
I also added auto-replace thru XML File

slct to Select * from

We are wondering if any other applications on your box have the same issue.

This might be related to the task bar panel; when it is placed at another place (to the top of window and after that back the bottom).
The link below might shed some light on your issue:

It now seems to work… I did not have a chance to look at link but now it works…

Strange …wwwwwwooooooooo