not saving window size/position

Up until 17.0 patch 1, TOAD would always start back up with the size and position it had when it last was shut down. 24.2 is not doing that. It always starts up the same size/position, which is not totally full screen, but close to it, with some space on the sides but none on the top and bottom. Please fix this! This is one of the things I LOVE about TOAD!

Hi Chris,

This is working fine for me. Are you running multiple copies of Toad?

I'm not, which is somewhat unusual for me. :slight_smile: I just tried it again, and again, it started back up in almost full screen. :frowning:

If it help any...I WAS able to save a workspace in 24.2. Is the size/position just a registry thing though?

Toad does not write to the registry. All of our settings are in files, in the folder specified in Options -> Files and Folders -> App Folders

What's the file name for size/position?

If you send me your User Files folder, I'll try with your settings.

  1. Go to Toad Options
  2. On left, go to Files and Folders -> App Folders.
  3. On the right, click the "Open Folder" button to open Windows Explorer to your Toad settings folder.
  5. Zip up the User Files folder and email it to me at john.dorlon@quest.com
  6. If the email bounces because of attachment, put it on your google drive, dropbox, etc, and send me the link.

What's the file name for size/position?

It is in Toad.ini, like this:


Hmm, mine looks like this:

I sent you my files also.

My 17.0 looks like this, and it works as expected:


A little off topic, but I also see a bunch of .tmp files after clearing my recovery documents.

It's working fine for me even with your settings.

If you start Toad and move/resize it, then close, do you see the values updating in Toad.ini?

Yes, the values change. I tried removing scale=100, since that isn't in my 17.0 file, but that didn't help.

What is your desktop layout like? 1 display or multiple, and resolution and scaling?

Three screens, one is my laptop. Laptop is 1920x1080, main screen (where TOAD lives) is 3840x2160, 3rd is 1920x1080. All screens are 100% scaling.

Here's what's happening:

  1. Toad reads the settings from Toad.ini
  2. Toad determines which display the top/center of mainform is on
  3. If the left + width values exceed the display's left+width (or similarly with top+height), then we figure that Toad won't fit entirely on the current display, so we reposition Toad to take up almost the entire current display, which is what is happening for you.

It seems like the calculation in step 3 is off, but so far I am not able to reproduce that. I am guessing that if you drag Toad to a different display before closing, it will restore properly.

which display is configured as primary? And can you give me a screen shot of the windows display settings so I can see how they are arranged?


#2 (4k) is the main display and where I have run TOAD for several years. The other two are 1K displays.

I believe if I move it before shutting it down, that will mess it up. I have always shut TOAD down before going between home and work for that reason. If it goes to the laptop (1K) and then gets shut down (or not even), then it will start up in some funky size/position.

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If so, then there's another bug. We've got code in place that should handle that.

I'll have to move some things around here, but I should be able to more or less reproduce your display arrangement. I'll get back to you later on that.


I'll revert to 17.0 Patch 1 behavior beginning next beta.

Thanks, John. Hopefully you can figure out what's wrong.