TDP 3.8 - SQL errors with Teradata

Hello all…

I recently had an issue with TDP 3.7 locking up when starting automation scripts. Our corporate software team updated the system with 3.8 base… blessing is that I can open and edit our automation scripts but now SQL aliasing is not always recognized and some SQL passed to Teradata (TD) is causing excessive spooling. These are queries that ran fine in 3.7 and earlier versions. I’m also getting some uneven select, and grouping errors that I am not familiar with. So I am having to eat up the entire morning running manual exports from TD and finish off report template generation.

Any help/suggestions would be appreciated as 1/3rd of my reports are mission critical for other departments.


Hi Dave,

Could you please give an example of SQL that worked in TDP 3.7 and causes issues in TDP 3.8?

What is the version of Teradata do you connect to? You can get this information on tooltip when you position a cursor over Teradata connection.

Do you use Teradata .Net provider or ODBC to connect to Teradata? What version do you use?