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TDP 5.0 Tools Menu

In the TDP 5.0 user guide, I see references to the Tools menu. I'm primarily working in workbook mode and don't see the Tools menu there. However, in standard mode I do see the Tools menu. How do I access the Tools menu in workbook mode?

Click on the settings gear as shown below.

Will there be a separate User Guide for Workbook? Our users are getting somewhat confused because the User Guide is referencing certain menus or functions that are in regular Toad but not Workbook.

That is a great idea. I would have to get that in the works. It makes sense it is needed. I entered this request as QAT-14882

I forgot to mention that there are 10 videos on workbook. Use these as a User Guide until we get a written one. They are available from the link below and the link is also on the into page of Workbook.