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TDP v3.6 - Automation Loop Connections Limit?

Is there a limit to the # of active connections permitted when using the “Loop Connections” activity in Toad Data Point v3.6 automation scripts?

I have approximately 73 unique connections which I need to cycle through while executing queries and outputting data in excel.

The script I’ve created runs like a gem and executes flawlessly for ~440 iterations of the total ~730, but at the 440th iteration the script stops, and completes, without error. The log just says “done” and processing stops.

Anyone know if there’s a system limitation at play here?

Yes, there’s a limit, but I think it’s a limit on the number of loop iterations, not the # of active connections.

Unfortunately I don’t remember what it was, but it was mentioned in an old post of mine - but I can’t find it anymore; I think the forum software upgrade purged it.

IIRC, the limit was accidental and fixed in a later version of Toad - have/can you try your script in TDP 3.8 or 4.0?

I appreciate the timely feedback, N.B. I’ll do some more googling and see if I can find concrete evidence of a limit.

Unfortunately I’m working within a fairly rigid corporate structure, so I can neither upgrade my application, nor download and execute a trial version of 3.8 or 4.0 within any reasonable amount of time.

Might just have to redesign the script to run fewer loop iterations :frowning:

Thanks again!

i don’t know of any limit to number of connections. is the stop consistent? Does it stop on the sane connection? Perhaps there is an issue with a specific connection.

i have to admit I have never tested with that many connections.

Hi Debbie

After many tests, I can confirm it was a connection issue rather than a loop/connection-limit issue.

Apologies for the false alarm… if there’s an iteration limit in v3.6, I haven’t hit it, yet :slight_smile:


Good to know. I would hate to have to test if there is an upper limit[:$]