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.tdr files (SQL Server) also need to run against Local Storage

I have a set of existing .tdr files (created with TDA version, which are included in Automation scripts that run against the SQL Server platform.

I am currently reviewing the new version of TDA (version and want to run these reports against my Local Storage.

The Local Storage has the same database schema name, table names etc. as the original SQL Server database.

However when I try to open one of these .tdr files the following message displays:

“This report is specific to the Sql Server platform and cannot be run using the current connection.”

Is it possible to port/convert existing .tdr report, so they will run against different platforms?

Don’t really want to rebuild all my reports.

Any help advise welcome.

Thank you in advance.


Yes. You can change your TDR files to be used against a different db. But you will need to manually edit them.

Follow these three steps.

  1. First back up all tdr files you want to change.
  2. Open in notepad and search for “ConnectionType=” Change the current connection type to “Local Storage”.
  3. The SQL in the tdr files usually are fully qualified. In this case you will need to change the sql to execute against the Local Storage database. To make this change search for “AdapterSQL=”. Change SQL accordingly.


AdapterSQL=“Select * from QUEST_DEV.dbo.Address”

change to

AdapterSQL=“Select * from myDB.address” (Or whatever Local Storage database you have your table in.

Once this is done you can use in your Automation scripts against your local storage instance.