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Keep getting "No database selected" while opening report for Local Storage

Hello everyone,

I created a report which uses data from the local storage. Everything is fine until I (save and) close the report. When I try to reopen the report (TDR-file) I get the follwoing error message:


After that I can still open & edit the report, but in the tab “data” there is no data. However, changing the sql script slightly, i.e. just add a “blank” somewhere in the SQL text, I can run the query and get data back.

Only the Local Strorage Connection is open while testing. Used version is: Toad Data Point

Did anyone else encounter this strange behaviour? is there a way to define the database connection within the TDR file?

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance JochenR

Does your sql fully qualify the object including the database?

IE; select * from database.object.

Dear Debbie,

this did the trick! Thanks a lot for the hint.

I never had to fully qualify the object and database though, but I gues this is best practice.

Best wishes,