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Team coding not allowing Check-out

I set up Team Coding Manger in Toad for Oracle to work with Git. It functions well in this version. I installed the Beta and it either hangs or throws an error: Access violation at address 00000000041A50A9 in module ‘Toad.exe’. Read of address FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF.

My logon info is identical…

Does Something need to be updated for this to work in the new Beta version?

Update: this is working now…

Hey Jewelsch,

I’m glad to hear it’s working correctly now. If this ever happens again, feel free to copy the call stack by clicking the link on the error dialog box and then clicking the “Copy to Clipboard” checkbox in the exception window. When you press the OK button, it will be copied to your clipboard. Then you can include that call stack in your post. That will help us track down any issues you may run into.