Team Coding - TFS: Different versions dialogue

We’re using TFS as Team Coding repository.

When we open a controlled package, Toad ALWAYS shows the different versions dialogue. When we click the Show Differences button, we just get the response that the files (db vs TFS) are identical.

Hi - I’m not seeing this in our TFS test environment. Can you please provide the following information:

  1. TFS Version your using

  2. Toad Beta Version your using

  3. Verify if your using Native TFS or the SCC interface

  4. Exact steps your using to check-out the file (as there are many different ways). Eg. Are you using the SB, TC Dashboard - Controlled Objects, etc.

btw…I found that there was a similar issue in a previous beta version .51 or so that looks to be fixed in .53 or so.

Hi, I have exactly the same issue.


TFS 2012

VCS provider in TOAD set to TFS 2010+

I create a new revision in VCS from DB, then when attempting to check out it says versions are different, when comparing it says it is identical.

The database and VCS version timestamps differ by a couple of seconds though.

Please advise.