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TeamCoding and teamprojects


using beta .28.

I made 4 team projects inside Teamcoding for 4 schemas(1 has around 4000 objects, the others around 300); they are stored in 4 different directories as is needed by teamprojects. After login to the VCS (GIT) I open a file in the editor with some objects (TOAD asks for a split, but I refused). and after opening TOAD will use 1 cpu on my machine and even after 12 hrs it was still running (I went home :wink: ). The file I opened belong to a schema with 300 objects, not the bigger one.

I made now a new setup with 1 Teamproject with 4 schemas inside. This works very well and no hanging of TOAD; it gives me the same funtionality.

So maybe there is some looping when using more teamprojects.