Teamcoding SVN password error


some days ago we experienced a strange behavior with teamcoding which is connected to a SVN repository.
The problem was, that the password to the SVN contained an quotation ["].

At the first login to the repository after the start of Toad we received the message "Logged into SVN". But when we tried to check out or check in a package, we received the error message that the credentials were not correct.

I think the ["] in the password is corrupting the command-line command to the svn.exe

We are using the Toad version "".

BR, Julian

Hi Julian,

Toad does not, by default, escape special characters in passwords. It uses the password you enter and simply passes it to the command-line client. If you were to use the Subversion command-line client directly, you would have to manually escape the double-quote character in your password. I would recommend adding the escape character ("") before the double-quote character when you enter your Subversion password in Toad. It should pass that character to the command-line client, which should then properly interpret the double-quote as a literal character.

Let us know if that solves your problem.