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Templates for multiple schema compare.


Is it possible folowing funkcionality in the new versions of the Toad for Oracle?

Create and manage more templates for multiple schema compare.
When I am connected to DB instance and I start multiple schema compare I’d like to select template compare setting from the list of previous saved compares.
Now I must create setting every one compare. Default settings in the current wizzard is not set as I want now.
In the 90% of the use there are 2-3 types of compare settings and 6 different target/source (instance/schema).

In the second.

Is it possible to add there own items of source to compare?
Add interface how to get list of user defined source types for compare from the DB and user defined items with unique code of the object and text source of the object.

Best regards

Betislav Cernik

Hi Betislav,

You can create templates for any action, including schema compare, in the automation designer. Then when you want to use one of them, make a copy of it by Copy/Paste, and change the copy to your needs.

If you are using Toad 12.12, you can use “Compare Multiple Schemas” to limit your comparisons to a list of objects. When you get to the “Options” step, click on “Filter”. Then, on the right, check “Object set” and add the objects in your list. In that case, only the objects in the list will be compared. If the objects all have a similar name and you can filter them by their name, then check “Compare object names” at the top and specify your filter there. You can specify more than one filter if you want, just separate them with semicolons.