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Terminate execution doesn't work

Manytimes when i press terminate execution (during execution of long time query, over network remote connection) the query doesn’t stop and the windows con not be closed. I get a popup whit “Cancel execution and close tab?” but if I push “Yes” the tab remain opened, so I need to kill Toad.exe. Also if I try to close connection I have no way to do that.

Please resolve this annoying bug.

PS: I suggest to implemant a “End connection (force)” that will force connection closing whithout asking.

I hit this bug so many times in version as well as older versions - it sure is annoying.

I am running Toad for Oracle 11 in one my machine. I am getting this annoying bug where i cannot terminate my execution by clicking “Cancel execution and close tab”.

I accidentally did put two semicolons at the end of my query and ran it like below.

SELECT * from myTable;;

Execute the above snippet. Toad Hangs. can’t close tab. The only way i could get out of toad is by terminating from task manager. Any ideas or workarounds?

The previous versions of toad would have appropriately thrown an ORA-00911 error if i did run the above code snippet.