Toad for Oracle 13.1.1 Auto Replace

I just got a new work laptop and it has toad for oracle 13.1.1 installed instead of whatever version of toad my old laptop i was using. I was redoing all my settings and i got to auto replace. On the old version, it asked for an "Activation Expression" instead of "Activation Characters". I was using this Activation Expression on the last version [;,:=()\s], and it used to replace it when i pressed tab or enter or space or shift+tab,space,or enter. I put that same expression in the 13.1.1 and it changed it to (),:;=[\]s. That expression wouldn't work for space, enter, or tab. i added a space in there so now a space activates the auto replace, but I'm really used to tabs activating the auto replace. is there a way to use tab and enter in the 13.1.1 version to activate auto replace?

Thanks in advance.

There is definitely some funk going on there with it changing the expression. The expression differs a little from before in that before it was regex and now it's plain text with support for a few template items like \t for tab, \n for line feed, etc. You can use the following which should work for tab, space, newline, and the other chars. \t\n (),:;=[]

Thank you! I copy and pasted that exact expression and now enter works as well as space. Tab still isnt activating it. Any idea why thats happening? I actually did try \t for tab thinking that would work when i was trying to figure it out yesterday and was confused why it wouldnt work.

Do you think any other toad settings might be affecting it?

There is a bug here. I will log. When your tab mode is set to use spaces then tab key is not triggering.

So is there a way to change it so tab mode doesnt use spaces? That should fix it right?

Yes. On the Editor | Behavior page in Toad's Options you can set the tab mode dropdown from Spaces to Tab. That will fix it, but the change might be undesirable for you if you prefer spaces instead of tabs to appear in your code. If you're OK with that then change it and Auto Replace should be happy.