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The new Analyze Objects window

Hi all,

I just got to upgrade to version 13.3 (commercial) and found the Analyze Objects that replaced the Analyze All window.

I would propose that the left and right hand panels be resizable. When running a List job the right hand Output panel is quite narrow. The first time I ran it I got a list of partitioned tables and I could only see the schema name and part of the table name in the Output panel.

I also miss the ability to choose from the list which tables or partitions I might want analyzed without doing the entire list. In my case the list contained several tables with many partitions comprising billions of rows of data. Sending it off to do the whole schema would have entailed running for a day or two. I could note which ones I want to do and then go choose them from the SB but it would be easier to mark them and do it in place.

I know these are separate items and the first would really be handy and I hope be an easier alteration to do compared to the second.

Thanks as always,
Brian Keegan

Toad for Oracle version commercial
Oracle 12.2 enterprise
Oracle client 12.1
Everything 64-bit running on 64-bit Windows 10
No legacy Toad restrictions in place

Hey Brian,

Thanks for the feedback. Can you give me a screen shot showing what you'd like to be able to resize? I thought I made resizing available everywhere it made sense so I'm not sure what you want to resize.

As for choosing which objects to analyze, you can still do that. By deleting the objects from the list that you don't want to analyze. If there are a group of items that you want to analyze and you want to no analyze the rest, the easiest thing to do is select the ones that you want to keep, then click the dropdown next to the "delete" toolbar button, then click "all except selected" under it.

I do see a little room for improvement, maybe on the last step, the columns could be sized automatically for the text.

See below, let me know if I'm missing something.



Hi John,

Here’s the screen shot. The Output section on the right can’t be widened as far as I see. It came to this screen by choosing “List Auto” under Choose Options. No horizontal scroll bar or preferably the ability to grab the edge and enlarge it at the cost of the RHS. Being able to widen it would allow seeing the table name and partition where applicable. Being able to, in some way, pick what you wanted to analyze from the Output list would be a great bonus if there isn’t a way now. I see that I could go from here to where your screen shot came from to fine tune the stats run so that can work.

In the old versions there hadn’t been an output at all and when I asked for that you all did an amazing job of adding that and great functionalities.


Oh, that one. Forgot about the output option. Yeah it does need a splitter. I'll take care of it.

Thank you as always. You all are the best team in the business.


Thanks Brian!

BTW, I forgot, if you want to just select certain objects to analyze, similar to the way you did before, you can do this:

There's no way to do that now...did you want to select and then just rt-click->Gather Stats on those objects? Or send those objects to the first step?