Analyze All Objects

Okay, am I going nuts here?

In Analyze All Objects,

  1. I cannot use the “like” feature in the Load Rows to Grid dialog. It is permanently disabled.


  1. If I load all my tables, check a table, then check the table directly beneath the first one, the first one disappears.

Disclaimer: Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop smoking crack

Click the “Load tables like” item of the 3rd toolbar button.

When the dialog appears, ‘like’ is disabled (but checked). If you
want everything, just leave a % in the edit box, otherwise enter something else
(A% to get everything that starts with A, for example)

As for something disappearing when you check it – do you have a filter on
the checkbox column of the grid? Sounds like you do. I’m not sure what
else it could be. Maybe I’m misunderstanding what’s happening.

Ah, I know what I did for item #2: I had a sort (asc) on that column, so every time I checked a table it went to the bottom of a very long list.