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the port of sqlserver is 5000,not 1433,how to config?


the port of sqlserver is 5000,not 1433,how to config?

when i config connection to sqlserver,i don’t know how to config the sqlserver port!!

please help me




Are you using the Native SQL Server connection in TDA and not ODBC. This should work without setting port number. Please confirm how you are making a connection.



i used native connection,because the sqlserver used 5000 port, how can i do to connect?


i has try use odbc to connect the sqlserver which use port 5000,and odbc test is ok.
but when i use TDA,i select the odbc to connect,the TDA is hang on and does’t work!!



Are you using Microsoft SQL Server? The older versions of Sybase ASE used to be called SQL Server as well and they use a default port of 5000.

Can you tell me what server version and ODBC driver version you are using?


On a side note, if you are using MS Sql Server you should be able to specify a non-standard port in our native provider by using a comma. For example: , .


thx!! just want i need!