Which ports should be opened

TOAD for SQL Server. Ver.

Hi All. I’m using TOAD in my environment, but partially SQL Servers are in different DMZ. To pass through it I have to know which ports should be opened to between server with Toad and server SQL Server instance. Beside TOAD I’m using also integrated SQL Optimizer.
Or it is dynamic and no chance to open specific port in firewall ?
Or, maybe I can force TOAD and SQL Optimizer to use chosen by me port/s ?

Hello Marco,

Please start with how your SQL Server instances are set up. If they set up with static port – so you have to add it to firewall or whatever. To register SQL Server Instance with static port in TSS use the following: Hostname,Port instead of Hostname\InstanceName


You may also want to check this article - http://support.microsoft.com/kb/287932

It’s a good starting point for figuring out what ports should be opened for different scenarios.