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There is no longer Toad Data Point Freeware?

Is there an other solution / product that replace the Data Point Freeware?

Download the freeware from here:…/3000-2065_4-10907628.html

The freeware period has expired for that version. I there a newer freeware version?

If you download and re-install it refreshes the expire date.

Why do you have to download again if you already have it?

The powers that be want you to visit the web site and see what is new. (Hoping you would buy[:P])

I tried that version at home to play around with and it is also expired.

I’d recommend you to try the latest beta versions which are always trial and can be reinstalled. The positive is that we keep updating it on a regular basis so you will be able to use the latest features with the latest fixes. The link is here on the forum’s menu tab called “Beta”.

Hope this helps.