Thousand separator choice

Noticed that in Options -> General -> Numeric characters there is no more separate choice for thousand and decimal character but unified choice with two possibilities.
We have thousand separator as space and decimal separator as comma but this is not a choice anymore.
If changing toad.ini directly to:
it seems to work but is it safe that way or is there a reason those chars are no longer modifiable in UI?
Can live with decimal comma or dot but thousands separator as space would be nice.

Hi Dolo,

I didn't realize you could put a space in there before. I just changed it because having the two controls seemed clumsy, only being able to change between dot and comma (or so I thought). I'll go back and add a way to have a space.

What you did in Toad.ini is perfectly fine. It may get reset to dot/comma if you go back to that page in options though.


Thanks, in europe the digit grouping is mostly SI style spaces except few places so it might be ok to add two more combined choices as space+comma and space+dot so all four most common formats of the world are then represented.