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[TIC CE] Active Directory Issues


I’m trying out TIC for the first time, but I’m running into an issue synchronizing our Active Directory with TIC. Is there a maximum limit on the AD size?

The first time I tried was through the TIC Server Properties > Active Directory (tab) > Sync Now. This ran for quite a few hours before finally failing with a ‘Java Heap’ message, and nothing else.

Instead of trying to do a full synchronization, I tried to add just specific users by going to Users & Groups > Add from Active Directory. I get a progress bar for a few seconds, and then the message “Failed to load Domain users and groups from Active Directory” and nothing else.

Are there any logs which might provide more information as to why TIC is failing to synchronize and/or load from AD?

Let me get the correct people to answer this. it will be later today.

Is there a maximum limit on the AD size?
-- No setting limit, we can sync more than 1 million AD users after TIC 3.1 version.

TIC only use .NET technology in Web Console, but error showing 'Java Heap' message, does any Java app running?

  1. Get logs from install path:

C:\ProgramData\Quest Software\Toad Intelligence Central\logs\ToadBIAppServer.log

C:\ProgramData\Quest Software\Toad Intelligence Central Web Server\logs\TICWebServer.log

  1. Genreate a support bundle to get full logs:

Once I attempted the operation from the web console, it succeeded. Previously I was attempting to synchronize from the local application.

However, since only Professional can publish automations to TIC, there isn’t much point in our continuing to evaluate TIC at this time.


If you have any other questions of TDP/TIC, just raise your issues, we are happy to answer your questions and concerns.