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TIC Data Viewer Panel Improvement Suggestions

Hello, we use TIC to provide users with easy, near-real-time data accessibility via heterogenous platforms via the Viewer Panel for Snapshots or Views. This has centralized our BI and removed the need for disparate, ad-hoc, special snowflake applications that serve very specific purposes, reducing overhead and tech-debt, and providing a good platform for future improvement and expansion.

With a few additional features, our use of this product would be greatly enhanced:

  1. A button in the Viewer itself to refresh the data.
  2. A date-time stamp in the viewer itself of when the data was last refreshed. Our customers tend to sit with the viewer open, and we have to have a column in the dataset with the date-time of the last refresh. This wouldn't be necessary if there was a field on the viewer panel with this info. Also, that field would account for the user's time zone, which is not the case with the dataset.
  3. An ability to link directly to the viewer - so users could share dataset links, and the viewer would automatically open up. We do have the ability right now to link directly to an object, via this format: https://[URL Address]:9000/Home#/Server?key=[Object Name]&database=prod , but it still requires users to click the Eyeball to open it.

Thank you for your consideration, and regards,

Hi James,

  1. For view, it is always the latest data from remote data sources, TIC do not store the data of view in TIC, so each time you open the view or download the view data, it is always the latest, do not need to add a refresh action or refresh timestamp to view.

2)Snapshots do have refresh button and latest refresh timestamp.

3)For the live data object direct access (snapshot/view/dataset), it is an good idea, we will treat it as an enhancement and discuss with PM first.

Hi Vincent, thank you for your prompt reply! Yes, in fact, if you scroll or change what you are searching while in the view, and if the data has been refreshed, it will show the fresh data when you change what you are looking at in the view (either by searching or, possibly, scrolling, although I did not test that one, I only saw it in the searching action).

I was just saying that if the data changes while in the view, having the time stamp while in the view could be helpful :slight_smile:

Yes, they do, but the only have it when you get out of the view - I understand how that is not hard to do at all, but to give you a little more context and background, we use TIC around the world by our Production and Customer Service people, who use the TIC Viewer for Snapshots all day long, they stay in it to view things like Stock or Production data, which can change all the time. Hence, the idea for making it easier for them, saving time and clicks.

Really appreciate your feedback and support!


Added to our enhancement list

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