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TIC Web server questions


I have a couple of question about the TIC web sever functionality

  1. When using the Web Interface and I want to download a Data-set or Table View and I click on the button “Prepare Download” nothing seems to happen. I do not get a popup message or any flag or visual Cue to say if the data is being prepared or ready. If it is a small results set I can re-click the “Prepare Download” button and if the data is ready (yet no completed notification was or is shown) it just starts downloading. if on the other hand it is a large data set of results and i re-click the “prepare download” button nothing seems to happen and if i repeatedly click it 7-8 times I then get a message say “you data is being prepared and you will be notified when it is ready” but I never get notified? I have tried both chrome and IE and disabled pop-ups but i do not received any information after clicking the button.

  2. Is there a way to trigger automation scripts from the web interface. Would be useful if you could trigger a script that either fed a data set or email a results set to the user.
    I look forward to any feedback.

Thanks in advance…


Hi T.,

Thanks for posting the questions! We have identified an issue with how the Toad Intelligence Central web front end is not displaying the correct ntofications either while data is being prepared or when the preparation is complete and the file is ready to be downloaded. The problem seems to be in the messaging and the data should be properly being prepared and getting ready for download. If possible - can you reach out to me at and I can set up a time to connect to you via webex and we can troubleshoot your issue and make sure that you are not encountering something new. If this is the same issue we are currently addressing then we should have a fix out soon.

Toad Intelligence Central v3.0 is due out this June and will allow users to initiate automation from the web front end as you requested.