TIC files displayed in TDP in Navigation Manager aren't sorted

In TDP, I connect to my TIC server. Under the Navigation Manager, I expand the folder structure mapped on TIC. The scripts and datasets in my folders aren't presented in any kind of order. On my TIC server that I view in a web browser, the files are sorted alphabetically. But on TDP they are presented in a seemingly random order; I don't see a way to resort them.
Any thoughts? It's hard to find things in this chaos!



So, this is interesting, in that I think you've found a minor bug, John.

Normally, you should be able to tap on the column header (like the Name column) within the Object Explorer (OE), and it will sort the objects at whichever level you are at. For example, if you have highlighted a database in the list of databases within a SQL Server instance, and click on the OE's Name column, then the list of databases should be sorted.

If you have highlighted a table, say, and click the column header Name, then all the tables underneath that database should be sorted, etc.

But when I tap the Name column header when connected to TIC within TDP, this does not work. Noted, and will pass this along to our dev team for inspection.

One thing that may help till Quest sorts this out:
if your cursor is within the scope of your OE, then you can start typing the first few letters of the name of your object, and TDP will go to the first artifact that matches your typing. See screen snap below, where I started typing "impo", and TDP found my import automation job.

BTW, if you access TIC via your internet browser, objects do appear to be listed alphabetically, so this could be another work-around, and may help to restore some order to the chaos you mentioned. :slightly_smiling_face: See snap below.

Appears though that you can't change the sort order, apparently, in the browser interface. Another thing that Quest dev can look at possibly considering in a future release.