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TIC Freeware License?

We have recently upgraded to Toad Data Point Pro and would like to install the freeware version of Toad Intelligence Central on a server in order to run TDP automations there. Our IT installation team is asking for a copy of the freeware license to verify that there are no restrictions on it's usage such as restricted to personal use, etc.

There's a link to the "Software Transaction Agreement" from the download page, but it just says

Blockquote 

(f) Freeware License. If Customer downloads a freeware version of Software from a Provider website, the terms of use of such Software shall be governed by the applicable Freeware definition set forth in the Product Guide (a “Freeware License”). Notwithstanding anything otherwise set forth in this Agreement, Customer understands and agrees that Freeware Licenses are (i) provided “AS IS”, (ii) Provider does not provide warranties or Maintenance Services for Freeware Licenses, and (iii) Freeware Licenses are for internal use only and may not distributed to any third party.


Can someone point me to the "Product Guide" or anything else that I can use to verify the terms of use for the freeware version?