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TIC Server / Script Logs

It appears that anyone who adds themselves to the TIC server can expand the logs. In many of the logs, it is possible to see he SQL query that was used within the script.

  • Is it possible to set only certain users to be able to see the logs?
  • Is there a way to hide the SQL from the log?
  • Is there a setting to suppress the log in web page and keep the full log for diagnosing issues?
    I don’t want to set the log to anything other than verbose - diagnosing issues is a high priority.


Hi Peter, when you mean “expand the logs”, do you mean the execution logs of automation scripts published from toad data point ?

If the case is true for automation script, yes, everyone can see the automation execution log.

I would raise your concern to our product manager, check if we can do something about it in future release.

Not sure I read correctly. Are you asking me to ask for this or are you? Not having control over this may make the server un-usable for us.

We don’t understand what logs you are referring to. can you post a screen shot so it is clear?

Hi Peter,

We have had a similar request about hiding SQL from view for certain class of users. I will address with the team this week and we will see if we can get this in one of the upcoming releases.


Hi Peter - we are planning an enhancement to hide the automation logs from any non-managers of objects – so it would only be visible to object owners, managers and admin. This is scheduled for a Toad Intelligence Central 3.3.1 release coming soon.