TNS_ADMIN set correctly but red "x"

I have set TNS_ADMIN environment variable to my user network drive but when I start Toad for Oracle I only see red "X". Why?

See default installation without TNS_ADMIN set:

  1. Defining TNS_ADMIN


  1. File is there


  1. Restart Toad with set TNS_ADMIN but now I have red X

What is wrong? What can I do?

Did you reboot your computer after setting up the env variable? That may help. I know personally, mine is setup as a system variable, but I don’t think that would matter, but may be worth a try. Also, just as a test you could point the variable to a local c drive folder that contains the tnsnames file and see if that works. If it does, then it’s most likely having a problem communicating with your network drive (just a guess).

TNS_ADMIN should point to the folder containing your net configuration files, not to an actual filename itself.


Thanks a lot Michael. That was the reason. Unbelievable that I have forgotten it. :wink: