Toad for Oracle on Mac TNSAdmin

I am trying to get Toad for Oracle on Mac setup with a tnsnames.ora to evaluate the product and see if it can be used as a replacement for the Windows version. However when I attempt to point it to /etc where my tnsnames.ora file is stored I appear to be unable to locate it. I have a TNS_ADMIN environment variable set in my .zshrc file but it does not appear to be picking up on that and I can't find a way to change it in Toad itself.


Toad should pick up on Mac native TNS_ADMIN first and if not found, will use its own set in the Windows bottle. If for some reason your Mac EV is not working for you, simply click on the TNSNames Editor button in the login window. A message should appear which includes a button that will open the windows bottle directory where the windows TNS_NAMES environmental variable is pointing. Just copy your connection files into that directory and you should be good to go.

Thank you that ended up working for me. Part of my confusion was that the directory that it was opening up to was not the one that I expected which was /Library but it was opening to the Library directory in my home directory. I created a symlink to my main tnsnames.ora file and it appears to be working with no issues.

The next question I have would be about getting an oracle client installed so I can use proxy connections.

Sorry, this version does not support an Oracle client.

Thank you for that update