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Toad 10.0 not displaying time in date cols in editor data grid


I’ve got a couple of colleagues complaining that they can’t see the time portion in date columns when they select from the table in the editor, yet they can see the times perfectly fine when they go to the data tab for the table in the schema browser.

I don’t have this issue - I use the same version of Toad as them. I’ve never had this problem, even when I was using same client version as them ( to connect to the same database.

They’re running the equivalent of:

select * from

where col_a = 1234 and col_b is null and col_c = ‘N’;

Their date and time options look fine (and the same as mine), and the column definitely has non-midnight times. NLS_Parameters don’t look unusual, either.

Has anyone got any ideas why this is happening? I’ve exhausted all my knowledge, and can’t see why they should see anything different to me, nor why it should display ok in the schema browser but not in the editor!

ETA: I should add that I’ve searched the Quest Knowledge base, and not come across anything helpful (just “are all the times set to midnight?” (no) and “are the date and time options set?” (yes)). Google is similarly unhelpful!

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