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Toad 10.5.1 patch available


from Eric, the release manager -

The patch has been posted to SupportLink.

SOL63208 includes direct links to the Full Install and READONLY install.

Alternatively, the end user can navigate to the “ Patches ” category
of Toad for Oracle 10.5 on SupportLink for both files.


I applied the patch & now receive the following error when I start TOAD & click
the “About” menu if I do not connect to any database. If I connect to a database
before clicking “About”, all is well.

Access violation at address 02165903 in module ‘Toad.exe’. Read of address


Well, don’t do that J

I don’t get this. Can you send your toad.elf file? Or better yet, make it
happen again. In the error dialog you should see a “click here to see what
the error report contains. Click that, then in the lower right corner you
will see a “copy to clipboard” checkbox. Check that then click OK. Paste
into an e-mail and send.