New 10.4/10.5 install access violation in toad.exe after clicking "help"

Access violation at address 02165903 in module ‘toad.exe’. Read of address 00000124

I had been prompted to install a patch initially, so I closed out of toad, and installed the patch, making my version After the install, I again brought up Toad, again closed the ‘connect to database’ screen, and clicked “Help”. Same access violation.

I tried to try connecting to a database, which works fine. Then going to help, which again works fine. It’s just when I try to access help after closing the database connection screen. Anyone know what’s going on?

I just upgraded from Toad for Oracle 9.7.x.x to 10.4.x.x. The first time I went into the application I was given the database connection window. I wanted to change my registration key, so I closed this window and clicked on “Help”. I was given the following error:

The “Help menu bug” is a known issue. It’s harmless. It only
happens the first time you go to the help menu before making a connection.

Did you download the official GA or commercial version from Quest support using
your maintenance account?

If you simply downloaded a trial – trials will not work with real keys
– and gives an error along these lines …

Thanks to both of you for responding! Yes, it’s the full version downloaded with the maintenance account. Since it’s a known bug, I won’t worry about it. I did try to find it in the KB, but no luck. Thanks again!