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Toad - Team Coding and TFS 2010 - Problems


Hey everyone,

Am trying to get this team coding thing working for putting our Oracle artifacts in our TFS 2010 repository.

So far I have managed to get everything configured correctly. I get green checkmarks on everything by the Freeze Code/Delete Records item in the Team Coding Status.

However, when I create a Code Control Group and add one package to it (just trying one thing at present) and go to “Export to VCS” I get an error: TF10121: the Path ‘\TestProject\DatabaseObject\testdb.thepackage.pkb’ is not found or not supported. Type or select a different path.

Now I checked TFS and I have a “TestProject” with a DatabaseObjects folder.

I can find the items to be added in my “C:\TestProject\DatabaseObjects” folder on my machine.

Now, from looking around it seems this is a TFS error, however, I can’t see anything wrong. I am probably mssing something simple.

So what is the story with this error? What am I missing?

Thanks in advance.