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Urgent help needed - TOAD 10.6 and TFS 2010 Provider - "TF10121: The path "path" is not found or not supported." error

Hello everybody,

I have the following problem and need help urgently.

I am working on a project that includes versioning Oracle DBs using Toad, Team
Coding and TFS2010.

The customer will be working with MSSCCI provider and Toad 10.6.

For the initial export we previously tested the usage of TFS 2010 provider and
the initial export was successful.

After that we further tested other things using the MSSCCI provider.

Today when we wanted to test again the initial export using the TFS 2010
provider, we are constantly getting the following error:

TF10121: The path ‘xy’ is not found or not supported. Type or select a different

More precisely here are the detailed settings for my environment:

For urgent help, please contact Quest Support.

Today is a holiday in the States, but we have folks in Europe and Asia available
to help you today.

I had this same problem using TOAD 10.6 and TFS 2010. I now have it working, here is what I did.

  1. Make sure your workspace in TFS is set up properly and team coding is logging into the correct one. You can force the team coding login to select a different workspace
    by going to team coding status -> settings -> provider options and uncheck the box that says “login to default workspace”. This will force you to select a workspace when you log in to TFS from TOAD so you can see which one you are logging into. Workspaces are set up in Visual Studio under File -> source control -> Workspaces. This determines where your TFS files are placed upon checkout.

  2. Now back in TOAD, after you have set up your Code Control Group, you select the “Export to VCS” to create your initial TFS files from the DB objects. You will get four export options. I found the first one “Add objects not existing in VCS” will throw the TF0121 error. Use “Create a revision only if the revision has changed” or “Prompt individually for all existing objects” and you will not get the error. If you are getting the error, try different choices.

Steven Moslin

Hi Steven,

If I am reading your issue correctly, this is a known issue with TFS in 10.6 and
11.0. There are a number of workarounds mentioned on the groups. Most involve
doing a full checkout to the workspace from Visual Studio. This updates the
client WorkSpace correctly and enables Toad to checkin/checkout without errors.

A fix for the issue has been added to the beta and will be in Toad 11.1.