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toad 11.5 - getting oci_invalid_handle

Installed the trial version of Toad 11.5 trial For Oracle with DBA on a windows Vista 64 bit box.

Installed and tried Oracle client 8.1.7, as well as Oracle instance cleint 10.2 and 11.2
Connecting to a Oracle 7.3.4 db on a unix machine.

We have been able to connect with Toad using the 8.1.7 client however we keep getting a oci_invalid_handle message when we try to browse a schema for example.

TOad also does not show any tables, views etc,. in the schema tree.

What can be the problem? We can connect to the db but almost everything else we try in Toad is giving us grief. We need to do some schema compares.

Anyone have any ideas on this problem?


Hi there,

Thank you for posting this. Can you hop on over to our Yahoo Group (link below) with this question? We are able to respond much more quickly there.

We hope to see you there for help from our Developers and other Toad for Oracle users.

“This list is for discussion between Toad users on any topic related to Toad, as well as Oracle, SQL*Net, and related issues as long as they have some relationship to Toad."

Thank you. :slight_smile: Regards,