Toad How to turn on 'choose primary key' option when generating merge statement

Hi all,

Recently I switch to Toad,

before this I use Toad 11, usually when I want to generate merge statement using Toad, I just click the Export dataset button in the Data Grid and choose Export format: Merge Statement.

Usually after i click OK (if there's no primary key defined), it will prompt me to choose Primary keys for my table.

However, now Toad ( didnt prompt me for the primary key after I click OK & directly generate the merge statement.

Then the generated merge statement become like this (snippet , in bold):

ON (A."" = B."")

I'm not sure whether this is related to Toad version or some setting is turned off,

if it's a setting can anyone help to illuminate me on which setting should I change?

Thanks in advance.

It’s a bug. It should always prompt when there is no primary key. It should never do this business. I have fixed it for the next beta.

I just upgraded to and I’m still seeing the same results.

ON (A."" = B."")

12.6 came out before I fixed it. It is fixed in the current 12.7 beta.