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Toad 12.5 Session Browser, Current Statement: Sql is truncated

Toad 12.5 Session Browser, Current Statement: Sql is truncated.

I only see the first part of the statement?

Is there some setting I need?

Is this a reported problem?

What version of Oracle are you using?


I just tried a statement slightly longer than 5000 characters and the whole thing showed up under “current statement”.

If you turn on spool sql (from the main menu: Database -> Spool SQL -> Spool to screen) then you can see what queries Toad is running. For the current statement, we run one that looks like this:

Select *

from v$sql

where 1=1

and sql_id = :sqlid

(and spool sql will also show you the value we’re using in the bind variable)

and then we get the sql test from the SQL_FULLTEXT column. If you run this query in the editor, you can double-click the SQL_FULLTEXT column to see its contents. Is it truncated there too?

Too late the statement has come and gone . The truncate seems to be only on DDL. And maybe certain DDL like “ALTER TABLE BFI_BASE.”

Next time I see it I will see if it’s in v$sql.sql_fulltext.

I like this continuous Spooling.

John, sorry I just got back to this thread.

I was able to capture the Select * from gv$sql and yes, the sql_txt is truncated BUT the sql_fultext(clob) is not.

So does that mean that Toad running aganst Oracle is selecting from sql_txt and not sql_fulltext ?

Seems so.

I should be using SQL_FULLTEXT, but if it can’t find it there, we’ll look in V$SQLTEXT. Will you give me the spool SQL output of refreshing the Session browser and having the truncated text appear in the current statement box?

Attached is a screen shot. It shows 3 things. The sql DDL statement, the Toad Session browser with the ddl statement truncated, and your SQL Spool to screen.

Note: I see this truncation primarliy with DDL.

Anything I can do further, please let me know.

I tried to reproduce the problem with a similar statement, and for me, the ‘alter table drop column’ statements aren’t appearing in GV$SQL at all. So you are one step ahead of me!

The only thing we do with the statement before displaying it is we put it through the formatter. So I thought maybe the formatter was having a problem with the statement, but when I format it in the editor, it works fine there.

That’s really all that’s going on here, so I’m not sure what the problem is. It’s interesting that the SQL_TEXT column is truncating such a short statement. I always thought that the only reason that Oracle introduced the SQL_FULLTEXT column was for statements that wouldn’t fit into the VARCHAR2 SQL_TEXT column.

Interesting. I’m not to busy so I googled around and found this in Ask Tom.

jun 2004

  1. they truncate ddl like that to hide passwords. think “alter user foobar identified by barfoo”

and so on. You get a flavor of the statement but not the entire thing.

That’s it for me. You can CLose this if you want.