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Toad 12.6 installation Error

Hello Toad-Xpert’s,

i try to install the Toad Version 12.6 on a Windows 32-Bit System.

The Database in the Background is an Oracle 10g DB.

When i try to connect to the database i became an error:


I try it in englisch: "The procedure entry “kwfcfoc” was not found in the “oraclient10.dll” DLL.

To test Toad 12.6 we commit some select’s and it works without an error.

Have you any ideas?

Thank you!

(Sorry for my bad English!)



If you have multiple Oracle clients installed, check your PATH environment variable. Order the entries for Oracle so that when you go from beginning to end of your path, you go from newest Oracle clients to oldest. That solved a similar problem for the user who started this thread:…/49416.aspx