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Entry Point Not Found


I have installed Toad Development Suite for Oracle 12.6 64-bit Commercial on a Window 7 64bit machine and I’m using Oracle 9 and 11g databases.

Once I updated my TOAD from 12.5.1 to I consistently get the following message when intially connecting to a database.

“The procedure entry point OCIPXMLTypePickle could not be located in the dynamic link library oraclient11.dll.”

Is there an update that I can get or instructions about where the .dll file can be found and where to place it?


We’ve been getting a number of these reports lately but I’ve never experienced this error. Can you give me the exact link to download the Oracle client that you are using?

I always get mine from:…/index.html

(find the version you want, then click “see all”, and scroll down on the next page for the client-only downloads.

Try one of those clients and I believe your error will go away.


If you have multiple Oracle clients installed, check your PATH environment variable. Order the entries for Oracle so that when you go from beginning to end of your path, you go from newest Oracle clients to oldest. That solved a similar problem for the user who started this thread:


Installing Oracle Forms and Reports 11gR1 last week caused this error on my Windows 7 computer after using TOAD for Oracle 12.x with Oracle 11gR2 client since 2013 without incident. Reordering the client bin path in the PATH variable took it away.



Checking the PATH order as per “mdexter” resolved my occurrence of this issue.


It’s usually a problem responding to an old post, but I can confirm that after installing Oracle XE 11g on my desktop, I started seeing these popups on each restart - Windows 7 blue screens quite a lot at the moment, I need a rebuild!

Once I moved the path for XE to the end of my path, after the 12.1 client’s path, everything was fine.

Now, if only I can solve the BSODs as quickly!

Norm [TeamT]