Object Palette & Schema Browser errors

When I bring up either Object Palette or Schema browser to see dictionary for tables I get the message ORA-00942: table or view does not exist. It brings up the Palette but no tables are presented. I can see all views within all the dictionaries. This only occurs on my production session. My test sessions work correctly. Toad Advisor has a warning - The debugger is installed but the DEBUG CONNECT SESSION privilege is missing for this Connection. Is that pertinent to this issue?

No, debugging isn’t relevant here. On the main menu, click Database -> Spool SQL -> Spool to Screen. Then try to open the Schema Browser or OP again. When Spool SQL is enabled, all queries that Toad executes are displayed at the bottom. You should be able to see from there which one is causing the error. It sounds like some privileges have been revoked from PUBLIC in production.


This is what shows up for either Schema Browser or OP again – it seems that the sql executes twice:


Timestamp: 08:47:27.157

Select t.table_name,t.owner, t.cluster_name,

    t.partitioned, t.iot_type, t.tablespace_name, t.last_analyzed, round(t.num_rows) num_rows

   , t.temporary, t.table_type, t.table_type_owner, t.nested

    , decode(nvl(tablespace_name, 'x') || upper(partitioned) || nvl(iot_type, 'x') || to_char(pct_free),

‘xNOx0’, ‘YES’, ‘NO’) is_External

   , t.dropped

    , t.initial_extent

from sys.DBA_ALL_TABLES t

where 1=1

and t.owner = :own


Normally, we don’t select from the DBA_ views unless you have privileges to do so. Do you have SELECT_CATALOG_ROLE, and has DBA_ALL_TABLES been revoked from that role on that DB? I

By the way, If you want to force the use of ALL_ views, you can go into Options -> Startup, and uncheck “Check for Access to DBA Views”. Then restart.