Toad-12 - Ctrl-Insert does work anymore?

How come that ctrl-insert does not copy anymore column-tile and data? in Toad 11 was working perfectly :frowning:

Open Schema Browser-Table-Select one table-Columns … select all … ctrl-insert … it does not copy anymore :frowning:

thx for the help

There were a lot of version 12’s. Do you mean 12.0 or 12.12 or something in between?

I just tried it in 12.12 and that version seems to work OK.

The version i’m using is

to be even more precise… the ctrl-insert copy does not work only when try to copy the data columns from the schema brower…

using it from the data grid it works, about that … do you know how to avoid to copy clob data?

@JohnDorlon …do you have news?
thx for the support…

Sorry, I forgot about this.

I can’t get CTRL+Insert to work in the SB-Tables-Columns tab either. I can’t do anything about 12.11, but you can rt-click -> export dataset as a workaround. Export to clipboard with the “Delimited text” option, using tab delimiter, I think that will be the same thing as CTRL+C from grid. And there is an option for column headers.

To avoid clob columns, you could use the show/hide column widget in the top left corner of the grid, and uncheck the clob column to hide it.

well … the export dataset is not exaclty the same in term of speed …

to do a quick dump into excel is faster ctrl-insert - ctrl-v instead of export then open :wink:

how come that combination does not work anymore?

I realize the workaround is not as convenient. It is, after all, a workaround.

CTRL+Insert was not intentionally removed. It will be fixed in the next version.