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i have already posted this "problem" in the other "Toad for Oracle" thread.

There I still got no reply (i don't want to by annoying :slight_smile: ) and i am still experiencing this problem in the beta version "".

BR, Julian

Hey Julian,

My apologies. I don't know how I missed your other posts, but I'm glad you pinged me on here. I can reproduce the issue you're seeing and will log it to be fixed. In the meanwhile, the best way to work around this issue is to uncheck the option to "Check out object on opening" in Team Coding's User Settings page. Team Coding will still prompt you to check out an object if you edit its DDL and attempt to recompile it.

Let me know if that helps to address this issue for now until it can get into the beta.

Thanks; and again, my apologies for completely missing your other post!!