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TOAD 13.0: License data with automatic software distribution



my company uses automatic software distribution via Quest One Identity Manager (switching to MS SCCM soon).

I need to build a software package for TOAD 13.0 which will be automatically installed on 25 computers. However, I can’t find the storage for the license data. With TOAD 12, there was a “QSAuth11.key” file, which could be included in the package and installed on all machines. With TOAD 13, the file does not exists. Letting all users enter the license data manually is not an option.

Can someone help me with this case?


Thomas Blankschein

enercity AG


Hi Thomas,

QSAuth was deprecated a long time ago and is no longer supported in later versions of Toad 12 and Toad 13. Licenses for Toad 13 will be located in one of two places:

  • C:\Users<your username>\AppData\Local<Long GUID starting wiith “{08439”>\
  • C:\ProgramData<Long GUID starting with “{08439”>
    You’ll see a “ProductLicenses.xml” file in this folder. That’s the file you want to include with your installation.



Thanks John, this worked for me!